Why Wise Men Matter – Spring Chronicles

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Why Wise Men Matter - Spring Chronicles

Turkey hunting and how to become a better turkey hunter require sheer wisdom, and wisdom is something that you cannot microwave. Turkey hunting is about time, and time ... takes time.

Time gives every turkey hunter the ability to come to grips with the truth that turkey hunting is farm more than turkey calling, having the right turkey calls, and the latest turkey decoy technology. Great turkey hunters are not born, they are built over time.

Time in the woods is what makes every turkey hunter evolve from a hunter to a sage.

Jason Cruise, host of Spring Chronicles on Sportsman Channel, takes you on a hunt with a farmer who is a legend in his community.

This turkey hunt features wisdom and insights on how to turkey hunt rolling terrain. Turkey hunting undulated land is difficult, especially with turkeys that are a wise as the Eastern sub-set of wild turkeys. http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/?s=Spring+Chronicles

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