Turkey Hunting’s Greatest Myth About Success – Spring Chronicles

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Turkey Hunting's Greatest Myth About Success - Spring Chronicles

Turkey hunting and how to turkey hunt with consistent success has many myths attached to it. Turkey hunting, at least turkey hunting done right, is both a science and an art. It's form and function. And the only way to make beautiful art in the spring woods is through the pure grit of hard work.

Turkey hunting in late season is often difficult. Today on Spring Chronicles, Jason Cruise and Jeremy Harrill are going to show you a strategy critical to turkey hunting late season gobblers.

In late season, hens will leave gobblers pretty fast and move toward their nests. When this is the case, stay with the tom, but stay silent. Just watch him and it won't take long after she goes to nest that he'll start panic gobbling looking for his hen. That's when you can get in the game and seal the deal fairly fast. http://www.thesportsmanchannel.com/?s=Spring+Chronicles

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