Trey Gowdy for Director of the DOJ.

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The number of felonies that ALREADY have existing evidence for which there has been NO PROSECUTION is absurd, disgusting, and not even remotely acceptable to the Average American who believes that EVERYONE should be held accountable to the same laws and justice.
Sessions specifically told Chaffetz that he had no intention to prosecute Hillary! SAY WHAT?
For the sending and receiving of classified information in an unsecured environment, there are enough felony counts to put her away for life with no need of further investigation. Add to that Uranium 1, Benghazi, the Dossier, Taking Over the DNC, and the many others and HIllary is the most corrupt politician in American History.
No more excuses or in Session’s words, recuses. It’s time for Sessions to step down voluntarily or to be FIRED!
Put Tray Gowdy in charge of the DOJ and you’ll see what needs to be done gets accomplished.

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