The Knockout Game

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The Knockout Game

The knockout game is a "game" played by groups of teenagers to victimize an unaware person and dare one another to knock them unconscious with one punch. Now the whole idea in concealed carry is to do everything we can to avoid using our firearm. The tip to that is to stay out of those situations.

The first thing you need to do is to visually recognize this group making you an aware person, apposed to an unaware victim. The second thing we need to do is create space. By creating space and walking across the street or changing direction we allow the opportunity to draw our firearm if and only if we need to. The other thing it does is it allows us to monitor their behavior. Should they come close to you once you've shifted your movements away or crossed the street you could use verbal cues, "Go away!", "Leave me alone!", "Get out of here!" By using those verbal commands you have now created witnesses within earshot should it be involved in a force on force encounter.

By doing everything suggested above, avoid using our gun, creating space, and staying aware, you should be safe out there.

Stay safe and carry on.

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