Tavor Trigger Job

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Tavor Trigger Job

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The Tavor has a heavy trigger, that's a known fact. However, what many of you may not know is that you can reduce the Tavors trigger pull by 4-5lbs by removing a single spring. There's no need to make permanent modifications to your rifle, it's easily reversible and does not damage your rifle, but will make your trigger pull 7-8lbs instantly. Check out this easy Tavor trigger job.

NOTE: I have confirmed with IWI that this modification will not harm your rifle. It technically would violate your warranty however at this time they are being flexible. If you lose your spring, please don't call IWI and ask for a free one under warranty. This mod may also cause reset issues, which again won't harm your rifle. This mod is fine for range use but I personally would not do it to a rifle I was going to use in a rifle class or a rifle I used for personal defense. On the range it seems to work fine and I've experienced no reset issues.
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