New universal suppressor from Griffin Armament

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New universal suppressor from Griffin Armament

The new Optimus suppressor from Griffin Armament is changing the way we think about suppressors. The Optimus allows the user to quickly go between .22LR all the way up to .300 Win Mag with simple tools. The new Griffin Armament Optimus suppressor is currently in production and is starting to ship to dealers.

Griffin Armament:

MSRP: $1095

Barrel Ratings By Configuration:

Full Sized (taper mount):
Hunting / bolt gun use up to .300 Win Mag on a 24" barrel
308/6.5CM 14.5"
6.8spc 10.5"
7.62x39 8"
300blk 8" Super/sub
5.56mm 7.5"

Mid Size, with use of Mini blast shield available separately (Taper Mount Minimalist muzzle device compatible) configuration:

308 Win 16"
6.8spc 12.5"
7.62x39 8"
300blk Super/Sub 8"
10.5" 5.56mm

Pistol Configuration with booster:

Up to .357 Magnum
With fixed barrel spacer full auto rated 9mm

3-Lug Configuration (with Griffin 17-4 PH 3-lug couplers):
5.56mm limited full auto down to 16"
5.56mm Semi auto 14.5"
.300BLK supersonic limited full auto to 9.5"
.300BLK subsonic full auto to 8"
5.7 full auto

Direct thread configuration:

300BLK Subsonic and 9mm full auto rated
Rimfire full auto
5.7 full auto

Ships in full size (9.4") Taper Mount Configuration. Includes: Booster assembly with 1/2x28 piston, 5/8x24 30cal Minimalist Brake, 22 cal and 9mm End caps, Hex multi tool (when available).

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