Mossberg 500: Shotgun As a Primary Defensive Weapon?

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Mossberg 500: Shotgun As a Primary Defensive Weapon?

Mossberg 500: Shotgun As a Primary Defensive Weapon?
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About a month or so ago, I had a conversation with a subscriber. Essentially, we talk about having a shotgun as a primary long gun for survival and defense situation. Although, I think a shotgun is an awesome and very effective firearm, I still think it has several vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities include capacity, slow reloads and range. Therefore, I would recommend a shotgun or home defense and as an additional firearm for survival situations. However, you primary rifle should be a gun that give you the ability of carrying a large amount of rounds, fast reloads, and a decent range. For example, an AR-15 and the AK-47 have been proven to be dependable and great guns for combat. I am NOT an expert by any means and this is just my opinion. Thanks for watching, please comment below and God Bless!



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