Limited or No Ads (Not Suitable Status) Controversial Content on YouTube

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Limited or No Ads (Not Suitable Status) Controversial Content on YouTube

This is starting to sound like a broken record, YouTube recently made another move against "Controversial Content" on its platform.

I am going to preface this by saying that YouTube has every right to regulate what it wants on its platform. This is not a public space, yet.

To catch you up, months ago YouTube got in some hot water with some investors/advertisers and started assigning restricted status to any content that it deems remotely controversial. They have since drawn back on some of it. However, they have worked out a new algorithm to prevent restricted content from being monetized. Limited or No Ads status is now a thing. Denoted by a green, Yellow, or struck through icon on the channel page. At first glance it appears effect our videos that contain cussing or swearing. Which is fine, and responsible; although YouTube is not the morality police. Anyway, what we are also seeing is new content that has nothing really wrong with it being flagged. These videos must be submitted for manual review, after the first 1000 views.

This is likely to evolve to definitively swallow all of gun/firearm related media. This one is up to you- make your voice heard.


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