Liberty Civil Defense 9mm and Body Armor

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Liberty Civil Defense 9mm and Body Armor

I tested Liberty Civil Defense 9mm ammo against Spartan Armor System threat level IIIA body armor to see what happens. I've always known that speed defeats body armor regardless of the bullet type or materials used in its construction, but does that apply to the Civil Defense ammo?

Spartan Armor:
Liberty Ammo:
Copper Custom:
MAC on Facebook:

This video isn't telling the ATF or NIJ anything they don't already know. Test results were previously forwarded to the FBI, ATF and NIJ by other parties (not me) in 2013. According to US law (GCA 1968) there's nothing illegal about this bullet so concerns this video will get Civil Defense ammo banned are uncalled for. It's legal, as it should be, to sell and use. It would take an act of Congress to ban copper bullets, which would be silly for them to do. Aren't the anti-gunners always telling us we shouldn't use lead in our bullets? This is a green bullet!

Dana Safety Supply post:

PoliceOne article on the bullet penetrating armor (must be a LEO to read):

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