Islam’s Method of Takeover

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Islam’s Method of Takeover
1. Gain Entry
2. Establish a Mosque
3. Make the inhabitants of the area feel uncomfortable in their own town, city, county, state, or country.
4. Grow the Muslim population.
5. Indoctrinate the children.
6. Claim Islam is being victimized.
7. Work to resist host law and customs.
8. Exploit local laws when it is to the advantage of Islam.
9. Demand the acceptance of Sharia law as an act of freedom of religion.
11. Use terror to strike fear into the hearts of the local inhabitants.
10. Secede from surrounding areas.
11. Take control of the remaining inhabitants, convert to Islam, die, or be enslaved
If you would like an eye-opener on this read the book "While Europe Slept."
*****NOTE***** Afghanistan was a Buddhist nation, Pakistan was a Hindu nation, Lebanon was a Christian nation they are all now Muslim nations. Soon Europe may fall. The Prime Minister of Germany already said they will be an Islamic nation. Many Muslims only remain in Islam because if they attempt to convert from the religion of love and peace they will be BEHEADED.
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My Thoughts:
Makes you really think doesn’t it, with what’s currently going on in our country, just look at the 5 Muslims trying to get elected in different positions in Michigan and all you have to do is see what’s happening in the EU.

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