ATF Raid on Ares Armor: Unconstitutional, Illegal, UnAmerican

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ATF Raid on Ares Armor: Unconstitutional, Illegal, UnAmerican

On 03/15/2014 the ATF conducted a raid on Ares Armor. Not only violating rights, but a restraining order as well. Any way you slice this one it is unconstitutional, illegal and just down right UnAmerican



Video From the Scene of the crime

This is a direct letter to the ATF, and other law enforcement bodies that believe themselves to be above the law:

In reference to the recent raid on Ares Armor conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives . Ares Armor is a manufacturer of mechanical components and apparel products, all legal items for sale within the borders of the United States. They do not, have not, and do not intend to manufacture, sell, or transfer any firearms and as a result do not possess a Federal Firearms License. In choosing not to engage in this trade they have not signed documentation granting you jurisdiction on their premises. Your activities are in direct violation of their inalienable 4th amendment right against illegal search and seizure. In doing so you have also disobeyed a judicial order of protection granted by the local court. What you have done is highly-illegal. We the people demand that you return all of the property you have stolen from Ares Armor immediately and unmolested. We also demand the identities of the officer or officers of the BATFE that authorized this unconstitutional raid. Lastly, stop all harassment and intimidation of Ares Armor, their customers, and their affiliates immediately.

Any law or decree that is at odds with the supreme governing document of this country is invalid. You shall stop enforcing all unconstitutional mandates immediately.

The people from whom you are granted your authority are watching. .
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