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The AR-15 has a lot of sporting purposes, I use one daily. However, let's be real for a moment. These things, at the heart, are here to protect against tyranny, foreign, and most certainly, domestic.

We have an election coming up. Regardless of who wins, the prospects for open rebellion in the US look set. (Certainly, if the traitor gets it). America is divided ideologically after 8 years of lawless government- The sides are forming.

Today we are going to be looking at some important ballistic information that every American Rifleman should have memorized.

Here is this information in docu form:

62gn is preferable for superior performance in the wind. However, by far, the 55gn loading is much more common.

It is your responsibility to go out and confirm this with your rifle and see where any deviations lie. Be prepared. Load your mags, this could get bad in a hurry.

You have a civic duty to do everything in your power to work within the system to support and defend the Constitution; until which time the system abandons that Constitution.

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